How to Use Google Sheets as an Amazon Price Tracker

The prices of products listed on the Amazon shopping website vary every day and a simple Google Spreadsheet can help you keep monitor and track these price fluctuations via email. Just add the items that you wish to buy from Amazon in a spreadsheet and it will send you an email alert when the product’s price drops on Amazon. You’ll thus never miss the deal again.

Amazon Price Tracker

Track Amazon Prices with Google Docs

The Amazon price tracker is easy to configure. All you have to do is add the links (URLs) of Amazon product pages inside a Google Spreadsheet. For instance, here’s the product page for iPad and here’s the search page for iPad – you need to put the URL of the product page in the spreadsheet.

The price tracker is available in free and premium editions. The latter allows you to track 600+ products in a single spreadsheet and you can also set the target price for individual products.

Features Free Premium
Supports all Amazon country-specific websites like .com, and others. Yes Yes
Maxiumum number of Amazon products you can track per spreadsheet ~20 600-800
Set target prices for individual products No Yes
Amazon stock inventory available in spreadsheet No Yes
Amazon product images available in spreadsheet No Yes (screenshot)
Specify the time when daily email alerts are sent No Yes
PDF manual included No Yes
Support options None Email
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You can buy the Premium version using your credit card or PayPal. It is a flat one-time fee (not a subscription) and you can use the program for life. You also get free technical support over email for 6 months.

The Platinum version has all the features of premium and includes one-on-one support over phone, Skype or Google Hangouts for 12 months.

Refunds can be requested within 6 hours of purchase. Should you have any questions, or require customization, send an email at or visit our services page.

  • Premium
  • Platinum


Monitor Amazon Products for Price Drops

Amazon Tracker can monitor prices of all products (except Kindle ebooks) listed on and the country-specific websites including,,,,,, and Here’s how you can set up the Amazon price tracker inside Google Docs:

  1. Click here to copy the Amazon Price Tracker spreadsheet in your Google Drive and enter URLs of one or more Amazon products in column B. The sheet has some sample product URLs to get you started.
  2. Replace in the yellow cell with your own email address. This is where the email alerts will be sent.
  3. From the Price Tracker menu, choose the Initialize option and say “Accept” when asked for authorization. The script is open-source and no one else will have access to any of your data.
  4. Go to the Price Tracker menu again and this time choose the Start Tracking option. That’s it. The Price Tracker is now active and you may close the Google Sheet.

Price Tracker - Google Sheet

You’ll get an email within a minute or two listing the current prices of products that you have added in the Google Sheet. The sheet will then send you a daily email digest (see sample email) of the product whose prices have changed since the last update.

Also, you can add more Amazon URLs, or delete existing products, from the Google sheet and the script will automatically pick the changes in the next run. And if you ever wish to stop receiving those email alerts, just choose the Stop Tracking option from the Price Tracker menu in the same Google sheet.

Internally, the Google Script uses Amazon’s Product Advertising API to fetch the latest prices of Amazon products.

If you are in India, check the other India Price Tracker that supports local shopping sites including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Infibeam.

Arwind Yadav

Arwind Yadav

Arwind Yadav, is a IT professional with over twelve years of experience in conceptualizing, designing and developing software applications. He loves building web apps and has also well versed with all the aspects of e-commerce solutions, mobile applications and automation.

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