Google Search Adds a Time Zone Converter

It was an often requested feature that is finally available. You can now use Google search to quickly perform time zone conversions in your desktop browser or inside the various Google apps for mobile devices.


The time conversion command can be written in simple English and you may specify the time zone as an abbreviation (like PDT) or its name (like Pacific Daylight). Alternatively, you can even specify the location name instead of time zones and Google will solve it for you. Here are some examples.

  • 10 am Central in IST
  • convert 4 pm pdt to est
  • 6:30pm delhi in new york
  • if it is 2am in new york what time is it in london
  • convert 5 pm greenwich mean time to eastern time

In addition to time zone conversion, you can use Google to determine the current time in any city. You can also put the time zone name in the search box and it will show you the current date and time in that zone.

Google is obviously not the first here, DuckDuckGo and Wolfram Alpha have offered built-in time zone converters for long, but better late than never. And this feature would obviously not be good news for sites like or since Google users will no longer be inclined to click the search results when the answer in available in the search page itself.

Arwind Yadav

Arwind Yadav

Arwind Yadav, is a IT professional with over twelve years of experience in conceptualizing, designing and developing software applications. He loves building web apps and has also well versed with all the aspects of e-commerce solutions, mobile applications and automation.

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