Get Rid of Annoying Facebook Friends

facebook-news-feed-settingsIs one of your Facebook friends being super annoying lately? Now there’s an easier way to temporarily (or permanently) silence them.

The social network on Thursday announced an update that brings some new ways for you to control what you see in your news feed.

First, there’s a new section called news feed settings, where you’ll see a list of the top people, pages, and groups that have shown up in your news feed over the past week. From there, you can unfollow anyone you don’t want showing up in your news feed with just a click. You’ll still be friends with that person; you just won’t have to suffer through every one of their depressing (or annoyingly happy) posts.

You’ll also see all the people you have unfollowed in the past and be able to re-follow them at any time.

News feed settings will be available today on mobile devices and the desktop. To get there, click the “more” menu and scroll down to the “help & settings” section.

Meanwhile, you can already use the little arrow in the top right side of a story to hide it. Starting today, when you hide a story, you’ll have the option to see less from that person or page in the future. If you choose to see less, you’ll be asked if you want to unfollow the person altogether so you don’t see any of their stories in your feed again.
“You can always visit news feed settings to see everything you’ve unfollowed and have the option to re-follow them,” Facebook Product Manager Greg Marra wrote in a blog post Friday.
For more on these features, check out the video below.
The move comes several months after Twitter added a mute option that lets you secretly hide the tweets of people you follow.

Arwind Yadav

Arwind Yadav

Arwind Yadav, is a IT professional with over twelve years of experience in conceptualizing, designing and developing software applications. He loves building web apps and has also well versed with all the aspects of e-commerce solutions, mobile applications and automation.

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