Resolved-Android Phone Freezes or Crashes on Startup

If you are experiencing problems – such as apps crashing, reboots, or fast battery drain on your device, they could be caused by a third-party app that is taking so much of your phone memory. To check if this is the case, you can start up your phone in safe mode, which temporarily disables third-party apps that you have installed.

You can restart your Android phone in safe mode much like your Mac or Windows computers? Press and hold the Power / Sleep button on your phone and you’ll be presented with an option to Power Off the device. Tap and hold that option and you will now be able to reboot your phone in “safe” mode.

Steps to start Android Phone in safe mode.

  1. Ensure your device’s screen is on, then press & hold the Power button.
  2. Touch & hold the Power off option in the dialog box.
  3. Touch OK in the following dialog to start safe mode.

When the phone is in safe mode, you’ll see the words Safe Mode in the lower left corner of the screen. If your Android phone freezes or crashes on startup, or randomly restarts, you can force restart your phone in Safe mode and uninstall any of the recent app(s) that may be preventing your phone from working correctly. When a phone is in safe mode, you would only see the factory-installed apps on the phone but you can still go to Settings -> Apps to uninstall any apps that you have recently installed. If your Android mobile has become slow over time – because of all the installed apps, themes and widgets – you can use the safe mode to temporarily turn the tortoise into the hare without having to do a factory reset. The phone becomes insanely fast in safe mode and you can still use all the Google apps including Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Calendar and so on. The device feels more responsive too. To exit from the safe mode, restart your phone by holding the power button, then power off and restart. The phone will open in the normal mode automatically.

Arwind Yadav

Arwind Yadav

Arwind Yadav, is a IT professional with over twelve years of experience in conceptualizing, designing and developing software applications. He loves building web apps and has also well versed with all the aspects of e-commerce solutions, mobile applications and automation.

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